Tips for Visiting the Edge NYC


Some places are popular for a reason and the Edge at Hudson Yards is undoubtedly one of those attractions. 

This highest observation deck is an ideal destination for capturing breathtaking photos that will be remembered forever.

To visit such a place, there are some things you need to remember.

We are sharing some crucial and essential tips for visiting the Edge NYC to make your trip stress-free.

Parking at the Edge NYC

Hudson Yards is a prime neighborhood in New York with so many commercial avenues.

Hence, there are some streets that offer you free parking, like W 29th Street, W 30th Street, W 33rd Street and W 34th Street.

You can also park along West 30th Street between 10th and 11h Avenues at 10 Hudson Yards and One Hudson Yards.

Explore the Edge’s Nearby Attractions

Explore the Edge’s nearby attractions

Don’t just visit the Edge and leave.

One of the best tips for visiting the Edge NYC is that you should visit other attractions as well that are worth exploring. 

You can enter the Vessel, scroll through the High Line and hit the shopping malls and restaurants at Hudson Yards.

Buy Tickets Online

We highly recommend booking your Edge NYC tickets online, where you can compare all the deals and find the best available ticket.

You can search for the tickets online by selecting your preferred date and time. It will help you avoid last-minute disappointment and save money. 

The Edge NYC Tickets Options:

There are countless Edge New York tickets online, whether you choose admission tickets or guided tours

An admission ticket is an entry ticket that will give you access to the Edge observation deck, the highest outdoor Skydeck in the Western Hemisphere. 

Edge entry and City Climb tickets offer secure timed entry to NYC’s newest outdoor platform and a souvenir photo with an optional upgrade to City Climb.

Entry ticket and Hudson Yards Tour includes a 60-minute live guide in English of Hudson Yards, Midtown Manhattan’s new neighborhood and entry to the Edge.

With Hudson Yards, Edge Entry and High Line tickets, you can tour the High Line and Hudson Yards, The Edge, Vessel and Shed.

Walk through High Line and Vessel with High-line and Vessel Guided tour tickets. Also, check out the Chelsea market to see the world-class restaurants.

Where to Buy Discounted Edge NYC Tickets

City Card will give you access to your favorite attractions, and you can save up to 40% on your tickets.

You can create your itinerary and explore NYC at your own pace at discounted prices. 

With Sightseeing Day Pass, you can supercharge your stay in New York City and enjoy more than 100 best landmarks and museums.

So, purchase your tickets online in advance, especially during the summer and spring or on holiday. 

Best Time to Visit the Edge NYC

Best time to visit the Edge NYC

You can avoid the crowd by visiting the Edge during off-peak days, as there are often weekdays and non-sunset hours when tourists are less likely to come.

The chances of getting more crowd are less at times like after winter and spring. 

Sunset is also the least crowded time of the day to visit the deck.

If you plan to watch the sunset but tickets are sold out, don’t worry; you can book the closest time slot and stick around till dusk.

Dress Code

There are no guidelines for you on what to wear and what not, but remember, the temperature at Edge NYC might differ from the ground level.

If you visit it late in the afternoon or at night, don’t forget to bring a light layer or jacket as it can be pretty windy on the sky deck.

Visitors interested in City Climbing should wear something comfortable for walking and climbing stairs. 

Overall, ensure that you are dressed appropriately according to the weather conditions. 

Note: Climbers will also be provided with a city climb suit thoroughly disinfected after each use. 

Time and Weather Restrictions

There is no time limit for staying at the Edge; you can explore as long as you want, which gives you enough time to take pictures on the sky deck and 101st floor. 

The average length of visiting the Edge observation deck is about 45 minutes to one hour.

If you plan to buy City Climbing tickets, spare 3 extra hours to make the best of this experience.

Don’t just return if the weather is not on your side and the deck is closed; ask the staff for a refund or reschedule your visit.

Things to do at the Edge NYC

You can explore this newest observation deck in Hudson Yards, view the New York skyline and enjoy cuisines at Peak Restaurant & Bar.

To know more about what you can expect at this amazing attraction, read our article on What to expect at Edge NYC.

Be Camera Ready

The shining lights of New York from Edge are really amazing and can’t be compared to any other attraction.

It is something that everyone should see once in a lifetime and explore the beauty of the city from the 100th floor.

To keep this moment with you for a long time, you need a digital camera or something similar to click pictures and show them off.


Have questions? Below are all the answers related to tips for visiting the Edge NYC-

Can I propose at the Edge?

Visitors who want to share their special moments can propose at the Edge.

They are requested to purchase the standard Edge NYC tickets to visit the attractions on regular hours with no additional accommodations for their proposal.

So, you can have your dream proposal at the tallest outdoor deck with a beautiful view in the background.

What do I need to know before going to the Edge NYC?

One of the best tips for visiting the Edge NYC is to book your tickets from a trusted partner in advance.

You can even get discounts and free admission with City cards or Explorer passes.

How early should I get to the Edge NYC?

It is always better to reach at least an hour before your admission to save time for security checks and an elevator ride.

If any chance you are late, admission may not be guaranteed.

Where do you park for the Edge in NYC?

To reach Edge NYC, park at 10 Hudson Yards, Abington House and One Hudson Yards.

These parking spots are near West 30th Street between 10th and 11th Avenue.

Do I dress according to the weather to visit Edge NYC?

Yes, the Edge Observation Deck is open to all the elements and harsh New York weather conditions.

So, we suggest that you come prepared, which means wearing clothes that suit the weather you are visiting.

Also, you do not have to worry; you will have access to the indoor sky deck.

Are there any items that will be confiscated during security checks at The Edge?

The rules are essential, as no weapons, including costume accessories, will be allowed inside the Edge.

Also, outside food will be confiscated at the security checkpoints.

But you do not need to worry, as there are restaurants near the Edge if you are hungry.

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