The Vessel NYC: Plan Your Visit To This Stunning Architecture


New York’s ever-changing skyline has acquired another interactive attraction to climb: The Vessel New York.

Standing 15 stories tall, it is a honeycomb-like sculpture with different signs and viewpoints of Manhattan.

This extraordinary centerpiece of Hudson Yards is a focal point where people can enjoy a new perspective of the city from various heights and vantage points. 

The Vessel NYC is like a spiral staircase where 154 flights of stairs and almost 2500 individual steps are linked together.

Unfortunately, this place has closed several times and called for dismantling due to some suicide incidents between 2019 and 2021.

But instead of dismantling the Vessel, the staff members are trained to watch visitors’ behaviors and take security measures timely.

Note: You can read the whole article covering the Vessel New York City incident to know more.

Where is the Vessel in NYC

The Vessel NYC is located in the Hudson Yards, on the west side of Manhattan’s newest and most expensive neighborhood.

Its construction costs $2 billion, making it one of the US’s largest private real estate development projects.

However, climbing the Vessel NYC is temporarily not allowed and only access to the ground-level base is allowed. 

How to get to the Vessel NYC

You can take the No. 7 train to 34th Street (Hudson Yards Station) to get there.

Also, you can travel by taxi, Uber or walk by the High Line to visit this place.

This masterpiece is in the center of the Hudson Yards. Hence it is impossible to miss it.

Entry to this attraction is free.

Opening hours of Vessel

It is open to the public from Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 8 pm, and Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm, with no reservation.

You can enter one hour before the closing time.

Best time to visit the Vessel NYC

If you want to see the stunning architecture, climbing the Vessel NYC at sunset is the best time of the day.

It is better to reach half an hour before sunset.

Moreover, if you want to visit Vessel for free, try visiting from 10 am to 11 am; this is also the most crowded time.

How long does it take at the Vessel?

How long does it take at the Vessel

You can stay around the attraction for 30 to 45 minutes or as long as you like.

If you want to visit during the sunset, stay there for half an hour to take in the views of the Hudson Yards in shining lights.

Exploring the whole attraction will take an hour, so you can combine it with Edge Observation deck tickets.

Book a combo ticket and get a discount on the ticket price.

Places to eat near The Vessel NYC

No outside food or drink is allowed at this masterpiece.

However, you can find some best restaurants near the Vessel NYC.

You can choose from a huge list of more than 25 restaurants in the Hudson Yards to cover your full-day meal.

Peak Bar & Restaurant: If you prefer a fine dining experience, this Vessel restaurant NYC will be perfect. It is located on the 101st floor above the Edge Observatory of Hudson Yards.

Blue Bottle Coffee: This is suitable for having the timely and best breakfast near the Vessel NYC as it opens at 7 am from Monday to Saturday and 8 am on Sunday.

Miznon: To have brunch near the Vessel NYC, Miznon is a place that is open from 11 am to 8 pm from Monday to Sunday. Also, available for takeout or delivery.

Things to do near Vessel NYC

You will first notice a large staff onsite to maintain safety while on the Vessel.

Another thing is that Vessel New York has many unique outlooks that offer sweeping views of the Hudson River to click Instagram-worthy images. 

If you love taking photographs, admire and capture its beauty by purchasing the Vessel NYC tickets online.

You can also purchase a High Line and the Vessel NYC tickets, the two most popular attractions of Hudson Yards, and save loads of money.


How much are tickets to the Vessel NYC?

Entry between 10 am to 11 am is free. However, it costs $10 per person to climb the Vessel NYC.

You can reserve your tickets in advance and book your time slot.

Also, guided tours will give you a full round of Hudson Yards.

Is the Vessel in NYC being dismantled?

The Vessel is closed temporarily because of the suicide cases from the structure.

Also, there is no sooner date for when will the Vessel be dismantled.

Currently, Hudson Yards officials are testing safety nets around Vessel for its reopening.

Is the Vessel NYC worth it?

Yes, the Vessel’s unique design and its 150 feet tall monument of stairs make it worth it.

If you are into unique architecture and landmarks, the Vessel NYC must definitely be on your list while visiting New York.

Entry to the attraction is free, but you will still need a ticket to explore the ground level.  

Is it free to go in the Vessel NYC?

A limited number of free tickets are available for the first hour of operation.

The first come, first serve rule is followed for these tickets.

Moreover, the tickets for children aged 5 or below are always free.

How hard is it to climb the Vessel?

The Vessel comprises 154 stairs with 2,500 individual steps and 80 landings.

Four people died after jumping from the sculpture, which has been closed ever since.

Now, there is some safety netting being installed under the stairs.

What is the purpose of the Vessel NYC?

Its main purpose is to be an interactive sculpture and public space.

The main motto was to create an engaging space in Hudson Yards that doesn’t overshadow its surrounding attractions.

The Vessel (structure) is now used by the people visiting it and the residents as an area to socialize.

Why can’t you climb Vessel NYC?

This sculpture has some sort of safety net under the stairs.

Due to several incidences of people jumping off the attraction, it has since been closed for any climbing.

If you wish to climb 150 feet, you must enter in pairs or groups.

When will the Vessel reopen?

It was reopened at the end of May 2021. However, the Vessel deaths caused it to close again.

Currently, it is closed indefinitely as many people think the size of the barrier should be increased or the structure should be dismantled.

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