Summit One Vanderbilt vs The Edge


If you are wondering which observation deck in New York City is the best and worth visiting, you are in the right place.

This guide helps you determine the best New York observation deck: The Summit One Vanderbilt vs The Edge.

Here’s a list of the best views and experiences you will get on each deck to make it easier to choose from.

The Edge Vs Summit One Vanderbilt Pros & Cons:

Summit One Vanderbilt Pros

– Newest observation deck in NYC
– Levitation, a glass extension on the 93rd
floor – 1200 feet above
– Art installations with reflective properties
– Excellent close-up views of the
Empire State Building & Chrysler Building
– Both outdoor and indoor viewing platforms
– Ascent, the elevator experience

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Summit One Vanderbilt Cons

– Gets overcrowded, especially during
– Photogenic deck with people in every
single direction
– Extra ticket price for elevator ride “Ascent”
– Difficult to take good-quality pictures
– Okay-ish elevator ride

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Edge NYC

– Highest observation deck in
Western Hemisphere
– Sweeping views of Lower Manhattan and
– Instragrammable and best for photography
– Unobstructed views without glass panels
– On the list of the cheapest observation
deck with a free elevator ride
– City Climb experience

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Edge NYC

– It can be crowded at the eastern point
of the deck
– Timed entry for sunset tickets
– Obstructed view of some sights
– Challenging to find good picture space
– Closes at 10 pm

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Summit One Vanderbilt: Overview

Summit One Vanderbilt Overview

It is one of the newly opened observation decks in New York, with The Edge NYC following behind.

Located in Midtown Manhattan, the deck offers visitors a different perspective than other decks in the city.

It has a series of glass boxes that stick out of the building over Madison Avenue.

The best part is that there are so many reflective surfaces that Summit One Vanderbilt advises people to wear sunglasses to protect them from glares.

In the Summit One Vanderbilt vs the Edge, the former stands taller due to its art installation that offers sweeping views of Manhattan.

Another factor distinguishing it from the Edge is that it offers a glass elevator that lets you see the city while getting on top.

At the summit, you must climb three floors and explore different exhibitions like mirrored rooms, digital displays and incredible viewpoints of Manhattan.

With all the reflecting surfaces and glass boxes, one might wonder if the Summit One Vanderbilt is better at night.

The Summit One Vanderbilt deck lights up during the night as the reflections from the mirrors and glass boxes glitter with the city lights at night.

So, when it comes to the Edge NYC vs Summit One Vanderbilt, Summit definitely takes the lead in the nighttime experience.

The Edge NYC: Overview

The Edge at Hudson Yards is one of the tallest decks in the western hemisphere.

Its thrilling deck with a glass floor is on the 100th floor and is about 1100 square feet above the ground.

If you do not get squeamish with heights, you can experience floating by stepping on the triangular glass floor on the deck.

So that you can experience all the happenings in New York City while standing 100 stories on top.

While Summit One Vanderbilt has some exciting activities, The Edge is still catching up with its city climb and sky-high yoga opportunities.

In Edge NYC vs Summit One Vanderbilt, the latter takes the lead as the highest open-air building ascent in the world.

Which observation deck in NYC is better? Summit One Vanderbilt vs The Edge

The Edge New York City Tickets

Edge New York City

Edge New York holds the upper hand because of its height.

You can access this place at the lowest possible price and during the most convenient times. So, don’t waste your time and get tickets online!

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Here’s a comparison of the tallest buildings in New York City, considering their height, location, openings, views and experience.


The Summit One Vanderbilt is the 4th tallest building in New York City, whereas the Edge stands at the 6th spot.

Visitors can ascend to 1,401 feet with Ascent to get views, while Edge is 1,100 feet up with a more expansive perspective.


Unlike other decks, the Edge observation deck in NYC offers a more expansive city perspective than Summit One Vanderbilt.

The Edge New York consists of a virtual reality experience and a telescope that gives you access to city views from every angle.

Summit One Vanderbilt may offer the best views, but overcrowding at the deck may spoil the fun sometimes. 

The Edge vs Summit One Vanderbilt: Where do you get the best experience?


Summit One Vanderbilt provides an entirely different perspective with glass boxes that give a new spin to the experience.

The decks offer majestic views and other activities for the visitors to enjoy.

It has mirrored rooms, a glass elevator, and digital displays, while the Edge focuses more on relaxation with a thrilling side.

It has a Champagne Bar and a skyline staircase where you can enjoy tasty drinks while seeing the stunning view outside 

Also, a City Climb activity will also lean you out from the highest height.

Edge New York wins in experience because the glass floors at SUMMIT make it challenging to click good pictures, and the elevator rides there, “Ascent,” costs extra bucks. 

Opening Hours

The opening hours for One Summit Vanderbilt vary from 9 am to 12 pm, with the last entry at 11 pm.

It is open six days a week and remains closed on Tuesdays.

The relaxed opening and closing hours give you ample time to explore every activity on the deck. 

Edge NYC opening hours vary from 10 am to 10 pm, with the last entry time 50 minutes before closing. 

The hours may not be as flexible as at Summit, but the thrilling activities at Edge are worth your time.


There are two possible ways to get to Summit One Vanderbilt; first, you can enter through 45 East 42nd Street between Madison and Vanderbilt Avenues.

From there, you can follow the black signs that will take you to the glass escalator, eventually getting you to the observatory deck.

Another way is through the second entrance inside the Grand Central Terminal, on the concourse level.

Once inside, you can look in the southwest direction and spot the sign “ticket machines, subway, and 42nd St.” and take the passage near it.

Edge NYC is located inside the shops of the Hudson Yards, and to enter the deck, you must first enter the ground floor of the Hudson Yards.

If subwaying to the Edge, you must take Subway Line 7 to 34th Street.

You can also walk the High Line and reach the Vessel and The Shops at Hudson Yards.

Another easy way will be to take a cab directly to Edge NYC in Hudson Yards.

These two observation decks in NYC are only 1.7 miles apart.

Our recommendation: The Edge NYC or Summit One Vanderbilt

Our recommendation Edge NYC or Summit One Vanderbilt

Two newly constructed observatory decks: the Edge vs Summit One Vanderbilt, have excellent views, heights, and locations, but which one is the best? 

We will say: Visit both!

Summit One Vanderbilt will give you the most immersive experience of a lifetime and cover the city skyline, rivers, and Central Park.

However, the Edge observation deck in NYC is the newest add-on, giving it a heads-up over other decks.

Know Some of The Best Edge New York Ticket Options:

Skip-the-line Edge ticket: Reach the observation deck by avoiding lines and get priority access to the Edge.

Hudson Yards + Edge New York: Enjoy two attractions at the price of one, Hudson Yards and Edge.

The Museum of Modern Art + Edge tickets: Get a guided tour of MoMA and Edge and see the classic works at pocket-friendly prices.

Madame Tussauds New York + Edge NYC: Get fast-track admission to Madame Tussauds and Edge and save up to 10%. 

Edge New York+ American Museum of Natural History: Visit one of the world’s largest natural history museums and the tallest observation deck.

Empire State Building tickets + Edge at Hudson Yards: Enjoy two of New York City’s most popular decks simultaneously.

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