The Edge at Night: New York City Sunsets and Night Views

New York City has an incredibly stunning skyline, often considered the best in the world.

And guess what? It gets even more beautiful as the day turns into night, and there’s no better place to experience it than from the Edge at Hudson Yards.

The Edge NYC Sunset is insanely popular among visitors.

Like a magical switch, it turns on the city’s sparkling lights as the sun goes down. 

However, one of the challenges of visiting Edge NYC at night is that the sunset time slot is the most popular, and tickets can sell out quickly.

If you want to visit the Edge at night, book your ticket in advance to take advantage of the time slot.

The Edge NYC: Is the Edge better at Day or Night?

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Choosing between daytime and nighttime can be challenging, especially if you only visit Edge NYC once.

We recommend you consider visiting during the daytime to experience the stunning view of New York City that stretches as far as the eye can see.

You’ll be able to spot iconic landmarks like the Empire State Building, Central Park, and the Statue of Liberty. 

However, a different kind of magic unfolds as the sun sets and the city’s lights come to life and transform into a sparkling wonderland.

Edge NYC at night offers a sense of intimacy and romance that is hard to replicate during the day.

Pro Tip: If you want to experience Edge at Night, visit during the sunset and stay until night to get enough time to soak in its beauty. Buy Edge NYC tickets!

Edge NYC tickets: Edge at Night

Is the Edge worth it at night
Photo by Chris Turgeon on Unsplash

If you want to visit the Edge at night, book your ticket in advance to take advantage of the time slot.

Fortunately, no separate Edge NYC tickets are required for the nighttime experience.

The General Admission Ticket allows you to choose your preferred time slot during the morning, afternoon, sunset, or night hours. 

Why visit the Edge NYC at Night?

Here are some reasons for visiting The Edge NYC at night:

Stunning Views: As the sun sets, the city lights up, turning the skyline into a stunning display of colors. 

The breathtaking view makes you feel like you’re on top of the world.

Romantic Atmosphere: The Edge at Night is incredibly romantic. It’s ideal for a special date night or even a marriage proposal. 

The soft city lights, the gentle city sounds, and the stunning views create a perfect romantic atmosphere. 

Photography Opportunities: The Edge at Night is a dream if you love photography. 

The city’s bright lights against the night sky create stunning, Instagram-worthy shots. 

Edge NYC is the perfect place for photography enthusiasts.

Read our article on the best time to click pictures on Edge.

Champagne Bar: To enhance your experience, the Edge offers a Champagne Bar to enjoy a glass of bubbly while enjoying the stunning views.

With the city lights in the background, sipping champagne will be even more luxurious and sophisticated.

Fewer Crowds: Visiting The Edge at Night often means fewer crowds than daytime visits.

With fewer people, you have more space to move around and have quieter moments with your loved ones.

Helpful Tips for Visiting the Edge at Night

Visiting Edge NYC at Night can differ from visiting during the day, so knowing what to expect is helpful.

Here are some essential tips to make the most of this extraordinary experience:

1. Book Your Tickets in Advance: The Edge can get busy during the sunset.

Booking your tickets in advance is a wise choice to avoid long lines and secure your preferred time slot.

2. Dress Warmly: Even in the summer months, the upper levels of The Edge can be chilly at night. 

Don’t forget to bring a jacket or sweater to stay comfortable.

3. Capture the Moment: The views from The Edge at Night are something you should not miss. 

Bring your camera or smartphone to capture the magic and create lasting memories.

4. Plan Around Sunset: The Edge NYC Sunset is very popular. So, it’s better to time your visit near the sunset. 

Watch the sky transition through hues of orange and pink and then finally all black.

5. Take Your Time: You can stay on the observation deck as long as you want, so there’s no rush to end your visit to Edge NYC. 

You can also consider stopping by the gift shop on your way out to take a piece of this incredible experience home with you.

In conclusion, The Edge at Night offers a chance to witness the nocturnal beauty of New York City in all its glory.

So, get your tickets and let the city that never sleeps enchant you as you explore The Edge after dark.


Can you go to The Edge at night?

Yes, you can visit the Edge at Hudson Yards at night. The nighttime offers a quiet visit along with stunning views.

Is The Edge better at day or night?

The Edge at Hudson Yards is great both during the day and at night. It depends on your preference.

Daytime offers clear views, while nighttime is magical with city lights.

Is there a time limit for The Edge NYC?

There’s no strict time limit for staying at the Edge NYC. You can stay as long as you like after your timed entry.

Don’t forget to book your tickets in advance to get your preferred time slot for a visit.

Is The Edge NYC worth it at night?

Yes, Edge New York at night is worth it. The stunning views and romantic atmosphere make it more memorable.

Can you go to The Edge if you eat at Peak?

Yes, you can visit The Edge if you eat at Peak Restaurant. Reservations for the Peak dining room give complimentary access to Edge NYC.

What time of day is best to go to The Edge?

The best time to go to The Edge NYC is during sunset (7.05 pm) or early in the morning at 10 am.

Visit the Edge at Hudson Yards at night for a magical cityscape and in the daytime for clear views. Sunset hours are pretty popular among visitors.

Featured Image: Capturetheatlas.com

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