Best Time to Visit Edge NYC

Edge NYC is busiest in the summer and on weekends.

To avoid the crowds, go early in the morning as soon as the Edge opens at 10 am or late in the afternoon after 4 pm.

Sunset hours (4 pm to 6 pm) are another best time of day to visit Edge NYC for the golden hues that bring out NYC’s unique character. 

Arrive an hour before sunset to give yourself time to reach the top.

The crowds will have thinned out by then, and you’ll still have time to enjoy the sunset views.

Besides stunning sunset views, you can also enjoy the New York skyline during the day and at night. 

If you’re visiting during the winter, you can even watch the sunrise from Eastern Point.

Edge NYC tickets tend to sell out fast, so book your tickets now and select your preferred time slot.

What are the best months to visit Edge NYC?

The best time to visit Edge NYC is during the shoulder seasons of spring (March to May) and fall (September to November). 

The weather is mild and pleasant during these times, but the crowds are smaller than in the summer months (June to August).

If you’re on a budget or don’t mind cooler weather, you can also visit Edge NYC during the winter months (December to February). 

However, remember that the city can be very crowded during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

Here are some additional benefits of visiting Edge NYC during the shoulder seasons:

  • Hotels and flights are often cheaper 
  • Tickets to attractions and restaurants are often easier to book
  • You’ll likely spend less time waiting in line at attractions and restaurants
  • With fewer tourists, you can have a more personalized experience on the deck

We highly recommend visiting Edge NYC during these seasons if you’re flexible with your travel dates. 

You’ll enjoy all the great things the city offers without the crowds.

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Weekdays vs Weekends: When to Beat the Crowds

Similar to other attractions, weekdays are the best time to visit the Edge NYC.

Weekends at the attraction usually get busy with crowds, so avoid them to have a comfortable experience.

However, the best weekends to visit Edge NYC are during holidays like Christmas and New Year’s.

At that time, you can see the lighting or fireworks from the highest observation deck in New York.

Best Time for Photography

Know the best time of the day to visit the Edge NYC to click pictures
Image: Reddit.com

Sunset is undoubtedly the best time to click amazing pictures from the Edge Observatory deck.

You can get on top, appreciate the city of New York in a thousand shades, and enjoy the sights of the city lights.

Although the sunset is a great time, it is also one of the busiest hours, and it will be challenging to spot a space to set up your camera.

However, if you are interested in travel photography and want to avoid crowds, the best time to visit the Edge is early in the morning.

This will give you the advantage of setting up your equipment safely and enabling your creativity to flow.

When to visit when the weather is bad?

When to visit the Edge NYC for the lowest price
Image: Pinterest.com

While the outside terrace might remain closed due to harsh weather conditions, you can also visit the observatory inside during such times.

The Edge at Hudson Yards lets you view the city from 360°, whether it is raining or when the sun is setting.

We advise you to choose a sunny day to visit the Edge, as cloudy weather can also obstruct your view, ruining your experience.


What is the best time to visit the Edge NYC?

Early morning, noon, or late evening during sunset are the best times to visit Edge NYC.

You can access the bar, observatory deck, restaurants, and more with your Edge ticket.

Is the Edge NYC worth it at night?

Seeing the Edge NYC at night is one of the best views you will get during your New York experience.

You can see the glittering lights of the city’s buildings and skyscrapers from the top.

The best part is seeing sights beyond Manhattan, like the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, and more.

When to visit The Edge for the best price?

You can get the best price for the Edge if you book your tickets online for $42.

This way, you can enjoy offers and discounts and enter the attractions quickly.

As the Edge does not offer free visitor days, booking your visit in advance is your best option.

When is the best time to visit the Edge with my family?

A great way to spend time with your family at the Edge NYC is when it’s less crowded.

So, going up early or right before closing will help you get quiet access.

Avoid visiting it during the sunset, as it is one of the busiest hours at the attraction.

When is the best time to go up The Edge if I’m short on time?

If you have little time, go up early on a weekday.

This will allow you to explore the site more conveniently and avoid missing anything.

If you are on a tight schedule, the early morning will give you enough time to click pictures and even have coffee on the 101st floor.

Featured Image: MorinaPhotography.com

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